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Prekės kodas: Ap11

Turimas kiekis: 10000

Gamintojas: "LaGrave"

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Crochet basket base... Crochet basket bottom

This wooden bottom allows speed up the knitting process, you will use less crochet yarn and basket will stand stable.
Suitable for beginners and knitters professionals.
The bottoms is laser cut and ready for use.
All products are polished in both sides. So with no smoke. You can paint or varnish them as you want. Add decoupage or engraving.

Listing details:
Material: birch plywood.
Thickness: 3 mm.
Distance from holes to holes: 4-5 mm.
Diameter of the hole: 8 mm.

Use a crochet hook for number 5 or 6 for the first line. When you done all the holes, you can change to a bigger hook, which will be more comfortable for you.
Note that the metal, wood or plastic hooks is differ in thickness. It doesn’t matter that the numbers are the same. 
WE RECOMMEND to have metal hooks in several numbers.

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